About the Foundation

Perks, pledges, and perma-death

You said something about Perks?

If you’re a member of the Foundation, you get all the electronic stuff for free – that’s eBooks, audiobooks, artwork, you name it. If I get rich someday, you’ll probably get physical stuff, too.

You get the first third of White Winter right away, before anyone else, and the rest as I finish it.

More importantly, you get to influence the world of the Blackest Timeline. I’ll walk you through designing a member of the Foundation to be your alter-ego in Jonas’ world. That character will play a role in the third book and may get a short story or spin-off if they’re exceptional.

Do I own the character?

Nope. Sorry, too complicated. But I’ll give you credit (or not) however you feel comfortable.

Is it for life?

Nah. You can quit anytime, and I’ll boot you if you don’t pull your weight. I’ll also kill your character.


Yep. And they aren’t coming back, either, unless it’s a prequel.

What do I have to do to get in?

Read Black Fall (ask me for a free copy if you don’t have one) and post an honest review on Amazon. It’s not a quid pro quo thing; I just need to know you’re committed to the universe. After that, it’s first come first serve. If you interact with me on Twitter or my mailing list, and if you have unique skills or experience (neat stuff that’s happened to you, advanced degrees, work experience), you’ll get bumped ahead.

Does that mean not everyone can get in?

It does. I’m limiting it to 20 people for now. I’ll have another group called the survivors for anyone who doesn’t make the cut or can’t commit to the workload of being a Foundation member. You’ll still get White Winter for free just before launch, a minor character, and if there’s an opening in the Foundation, you’re on the list.