Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction.

DJ was born in the Cayman Islands and raised in Monaco. At 17, he decided to join the Marines and enrolled in a military high school. He graduated from Annapolis, became a helicopter pilot, went to sandy places, and wrote a couple books.

He's 5'10, brown haired and hazel eyed, and enjoys long, barefoot walks on the beach or anywhere else no one is thinking of shooting at him, and gets along freakishly well with small animals. Has to mention the dark side somewhere; that jerk on the welcome page keeps setting him up.

He also read you were supposed to write this bio thing in the 3rd person, but he's actually pretty approachable. Questions? Shoot me an email - dj[at] -or find me on twitter. I've got stories.

And if you really are curious about my past and my writing, check out the interview I did here: