Just a Thursday

Today was pretty uneventful, which doesn’t mean it wasn’t interesting.

One of our interns brought in green coffee from her grandmother’s farm in El Salvador. We roasted and cupped it. It was a little toward the end of the crop, and a little over-roasted (our fault on that one), but it was just neat dealing with a sample that had a story behind it. Apparently, Grandma’s gotten her farm Rain Forest Alliance certified and runs a tighter ship than her son, down the road, my intern’s dad.

I taught our other intern why I had him working on a spreadsheet, and a bit about markets, by building a roulette game in excel out of a RAND() and two IF() functions. We talked about how to bet based on statistics, when to double down, and why the house always wins. It was the nerdiest thing I’ve done in a while, but the look on his face was priceless.

We have this long counter with a bunch of different ethnic foods at the grocery store, from sushi to Mauritian food, passing through Portuguese dishes. It’s pretty good, and cheap for Geneva. Lunch was Indian, just white rice, brown lentils, and beef in a red pepper and onion sauce. I usually don’t see beef on the menu in Indian restaurants, but I guess it’s still popular over there among the non-Hindu population. Anyway, it tasted great, and the lady behind the counter is super nice every time she sees me (she’s a generally nice person, it’s not just because I’m easy on the eyes *cough* sushi counter *cough*).

Took a 20-minute nap after that. I live in the office building. Every once in a while, someone says they need to disconnect, tells me how much they enjoy having a commute, and I just smile and nod.

Had an author interview yesterday. It was fun. Looking forward to hearing how it turned out – the guy on the other end was in an airport, so we had to stop once or twice while a jet flew overhead.

Anyway, that’s it. I’m making myself a leftover burrito, with leftover ground beef and sour cream, some spices, and two very different hot sauces at each end. Thought about Terry Pratchett when I realized I was out of cheese – if you’re a fan, you’ll get the joke.  

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