Black Fall free this week

(If you missed the sale, scroll to the end)

The title really says it all. I'm offering my first book for free until Friday on the odds you're going to like it enough to get the second one, which comes out the 10th of March (EEEEE!)

Black Fall:
White Winter:

If you've already read it (thank you), remember Deus Ex Rand() is also part of the series and permanently free. You could do me an absolute solid and pass the sale on to a friend who might enjoy it as well.

Finally, if you missed the sale and HAVEN'T read Black Fall, you can always get it for free by signing up for my newsletter:

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E-book Sale

81% off the Kindle version of Black Fall on June 11th.

Total, shameless incentive to read my blog, which I worry over like a terrier named Spot who growls around a mouthful of dead rat, not sure if anyone will take it from them, but you can't be too careful.

On second thought, I don't worry over my blog like that at all, but I do value my readers. I wish you all luck in the Goodreads giveaway that ends in a few hours, and if you don't win you can pick it up digitally for less than a buck, one week from now.

If you missed it, I let readers know about sales and send out free reading on my

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