Friends with Benefits

Didn’t have time to post something in a while, so here goes.

I don’t just want readers. I know that sounds strange, but bear with me and it will make more sense.

When I started the whole social media thing, it was to sell books. I write a pretty good yarn, and sometimes I’m funny, and I’d rather do that than wear a suit every day which means I need to get paid for it. That and I like telling stories. I’ve been shot at, bitten by a police dog, buried friends, saved others, and manned a helm during 35 degree pitching, so I’ve got some pretty good ones to tell.

But I’ve also met some cool people in the past few months (that’d be you), and it’s improved my quality of life beyond my suitless expectations. I like reading about your day, making smartass comments about your posts, and fending off your own witticisms. I love geeking out about my book with you too, it makes the writing more fun, and I put more of what you enjoy in the next book.

The feed is going well, I’m only getting unfollowed by people I don’t follow back (p0rn, offers to buy followers, etc.), but that also means I can’t keep up with everyone’s feed anymore. I read your feed the first time you followed me (you might have noticed me favorite some of your posts, and retweet others), and if you’re happy with that level of interaction I’m glad, hope I make you laugh, give my book a try sometime.

But if I make you laugh regularly, stop by and say hi. Comment, favorite stuff, and retweet it of course, but better yet start a conversation. Do I want readers? Yes please, in the thousands if possible. But I’d be stoked to have more friends who like my books.

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