A Marine joke

Since this past week has brought back a few memories, here's a joke that will make most Marines and people who know Marines laugh, and everyone else understand them a little better.

A U.S. Army corporal is out running in the hills with his team for PT (Physical Training). As they near a ridge, they see a Marine in full dress blues crest the skyline, raise a sharp salute, and then flip them the finger.

The corporal says, "Did you see that? You three go up there and kick his ass."

His team tears up the ridge, and the Marine backs away. There are crashes, and shouts, and a few whimpers. No one comes down.

The corporal hightails it in the other direction and runs into a squad practicing patrolling. He tells the squad leader what happened. The sergeant says, "Bullshit."

The corporal swears it's true.

The squad follows him up the hill, and the Marine crests the skyline in his dress blues. He raises a sharp salute, then flips them the finger.

The sergeant is pissed. "Get that guy!" he shouts, tearing up the hill. The others follow, except the corporal who hangs back.

Shouts. Clatters. Breaking glass. No one comes back.

Sweating and hiding behind a rock, the corporal calls his staff sergeant. The staff sergeant, being wiser and more experienced, realizes a rogue U.S. Marine loose in the hills is a major problem. He gathers a whole platoon - close to 50 soldiers - and marches them into the hills. They don't even slow as the Marine flips them off and disappears back over the hill, they just break into a run. The staff sergeant hangs back to make sure the corporal is okay. 

Crashes, screams, and the sound of someone crying, then silence. The staff sergeant shrugs at the corporal. "Well, let's go up there and make sure they don't beat him up too badly." They're halfway up the hill when one of the platoon members crawls over the ridge, face bruised and bleeding, and yells, "Staff Sergeant! Don't come up here; it's a trap! There's two of them!"

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